I began studying Cultural Studies and Critical Theory at Macquarie University, Sydney before deciding on a career in the arts. Graduating in Jewellery and Object Design from Enmore Design Centre (SIT), I established my practice at my studio in the Blue Mountains exhibiting nationally and working as a production assistant for Sydney based contemporary jewellers. In 2006 I left Australia to travel to Eastern Europe and lived in Bosnia Herzegovina until joining the Metal Design Studio JamFactory in 2008. During this time, I honed my skills and developed a signature style of designs that I now manufacture for production, one off commissions and select exhibitions.

After completing the 2 year tenure I spent 10 months at Australia’s iconic Gray Street Workshop; an invaluable residency in my career and personal development. Moving to Sydney in 2010 I helped establish SquarePeg Studios, a workshop for emerging and established jewellers to work together in a creative and supportive environment. Since returning to Sydney I have worked as a design developer for the Australian made brand Dinosaur Designs.

In my own practice, I primarily work with mild steel, I use both traditional and industrial jewellery making processes. Each design has been individually drawn; beginning with a sharpie and paper, the image is then traced, scanned and re-worked using a computer to make laser-cut ready files which are formed by hand, and finally powder coated. From my workshop I also work with individuals and couples to create pieces that are unique to them. From engagement and wedding rings to small keep sake gifts.
Most customers want handmade, unique jewellery and I value each persons desire to have so many sacred ideals embedded in to one piece. I approach these projects both professionally and personally to try to best represent their sentiments. I enjoy forging these elements together to create precious, lasting objects.”  Erin Keys

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